Vice / i-D Interview + Feature

"In Lena Mirisola's I Am My Own, sunlight illuminates the body hair, idiosyncrasies, and identities of her female subjects. There are practically no shadows in Mirisola's photos. The recent MassArt graduate turns away from crafty lighting and filters and, instead, offers a full-frontal view at womanhood in 2017. Her subjects look how most of us feel this year: fatigued, yet ready for battle. Because that's the thing with identity politics — when the world has us feeling our weakest is usually when we need to be our strongest. There's some fortitude to be reaped from these photos. Seeing a diverse cast of women comfortable in themselves, in their identities, in their bodies, reminds you of the purpose of resistance: defending the right to exist as we are. And that's exactly what the women in I Am My Own are doing, captured in states of naked vulnerability. i-D talked to Mirisola about the unique connections she made with her models and what she hopes feminism looks like 10 years from now."

I am THRILLED to have an interview + series feature of "I Am My Own" on i-D / Vice!!!

Thank you Andre for the beautiful words!

Check out the full interview HERE!